Welkom to kayakers.nl
Kayakers.nl is collection web sites, ment to serve kayakers.
I've been developing according to my own needs, insight and knowledge. I hope to contribute to other peoples kayaking hobby. I invite every kayaker to register, so you can benifit from the services the applications provide.

The applications:

Besides using my applications, I would like to hear from you what you're missing, or what you think could be improved.
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All development is done in my spare time as a hobby, with help from (kayak)friends. Running this site costs money and you many use it for free of charge. Donations are more than welcome and help me continue my work and keep the servers online. Thank you!


With my own canoe club, the trainers and I got the idea to record the skills of our members (especially our youth) in a report.
Some swimming schools have been doing this for years. With this application you can create a progress report for your own training groups. You can add your own skills to the chart and decide how you track the progress of your pupils.
Your pupils / trainees (or their parents) can monitor their progress themselves.

Canoepolo tournaments

Since the beginning of 2002 I had a web application running, to manage out canoepolo tournaments. You can easily setup your tournament, add teams, define a poule schema, process match results a of course decide you the winner is.
This site was running on old technology and I'm going to rebuild it, with the help of my brother.
This way we want to provide a platform to other tournament organizers and officials, to manage their tournmant. From subscriptions or price giving ceremony and everything in between.
Invite others to work on your tournament together, our plans are great.
Just wait and see... maybe you'll be using your smartphone, filling in live match results and team players receiving push notifications on their phones about their upcoming match... or your grandmother gets a textmessage every time you win a match ;-)


Find (whitewater) canoe tracks around the world...
That is, if someone (maybe you) inserted it into this site. Among all other existing sites with canoeing trails, I haven't found one at which fully meets my needs and where I could search fast and simple.
That's why I'm going to build a site, this site I will add all journeys and tracks that I know and make it easy to find. Everyone is welcome also his or her own trails and share them and together we can build huge trail-database.